Project Scope

At FLUID, we all use different timers, but none of them really meet all our needs. Conventional timers are not designed for consecutive time sequences, and it is often not possible to quickly change or adjust a segment. This leads to unnecessary stress for the workshop leader, who needs to focus on the workshop and the participants.

So we asked ourselves: how can we respond to these needs and turn them into opportunities?

Onetimer is a mobile app that allows users to organize their schedules and take charge of every detail. With two views available, users can effortlessly transition between time and schedule view, enabling them to concentrate on the most important aspect – their workshop.

Qualitative Interviews
UI Design
Qualitative Testing


During workshops at FLUID, it became clear that current timer options were not meeting the specific needs of workshop leaders. Traditional timers struggled with back-to-back time slots, and making quick adjustments or changes to segments was challenging. This limitation created added stress for workshop leaders, hindering their ability to focus on the workshop and its participants.


The main goal was to create a mobile app that could surpass the constraints of conventional timers while offering an improved user experience that's readily accessible. Onetimer needed to enable users to manage their schedules and time sequences effortlessly.

Design Process

The design process began with extensive user research to pinpoint core needs and investigate possible solutions. Afterward, the team sketched wireframes, created prototypes, and conducted tests, all while refining the user flow.

Throughout the user testing phase, it became clear that users favored different modes for distinct purposes. It was observed that when creating a workshop, they tended to think in terms of schedules, while during the actual workshop, they preferred a clear, time-focused visualization.

Display of both visualisations: time-focused and schedule-focused

Good UX involves understanding users' needs and using that knowledge to create innovative solutions. The challenge lay in designing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that enables users to seamlessly transition between two modes - schedule focus and time focus.

With just a single swipe, Onetimer effortlessly transitions from schedule view to time view, enabling users to concentrate on the most crucial aspect – the workshop itself.