Play for Health:
How to Design for and with Children

When I went back to university to study design in my late twenties, I knew I wanted to make a difference. Seeing the impact of design in healthcare firsthand, I wanted to use my bachelor thesis to contribute to a healthier future.

While developing the KORA app, a mobile application that aims to playfully train children’s walking behavior, we noticed that knowledge about child-centred design is not easily available. The idea was born to create a guideline on how to design for children.

We collaborated with interdisciplinary minds to find out why child-centred design can be difficult, how to design for  and with  children, and how it influences designers.

For example, why do designers need to actively participate in testings with children? Or why is it that children may dislike a game without even playing it?

Author Fabienne Erben
Published 2022
106 pages

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